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Amazing adventures for everyone

Hello Everyone

2019 looks to be on its way to becoming a great year. Caledonian canal trips are already being booked, charity abseils are already raising money and new adventures have been added.

Try stand up paddle boarding for a watersport that is the newest fitness and well being activity or try one of our bushcraft courses.

We are now able to offer residentials on our campsite. Summer camps for children, parent and child camps as well as our regular Loch Lomond overnight camps.

We are proud to offer DofE EXPEDITIONS at all levels including canoeing and walking expeditions.
Our training days and Residential courses are also available to book now.

Remember you can book a space on our campsite for as little as £5 for children or £7 for adults. Pets are welcome and fires are encouraged.

Contact us to find out what we can do for you or your group. 

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Scot Rodger

2018 is here, make it a great one.

Hello Everyone

It has been a while (SORRY). Lots going on. So where to start?

Archery has been keeping us busy over the last year as well as our wee camp site. Activity camps for young people and parent/Child camps have also been keeping us busy. Our ever popular Caledonian canal trips have been great as have our skills courses throughout the year. Halloween was amazing and our festive Catchers Trail went really really well.

Which adventure were you on in 2017? 

Join us this year and make it the most memorable year to date. We have climbing, Canoeing, Archery, Overnight activity camps, our childrens Pirate party, Skills courses, Caledonian canal courses, Halloween, our festive events and also our special mailing list promotions throughout the year. Looks like we could be really busy. Don't miss out BOOK NOW.

our wee camp site is open and we welcome everyone, well behaved pets are allowed, we also allow small fires and groups are also welcome.

School holiday activity camps for children are available and if booked early a £20 discount is applied.

Winter is in full swing and we still have Winter skills courses or winter walking days available.

Don't miss out this year book your course and get it done, we hope to see you soon.

Scot Rodger

Paintball, Mini Paintball, Lazer tag and our new campsite.

S D Adventures - Blog

Its the time of year when we look out our winter kit, make sure it is all sharp clean and in working order then we start picking our adventures. I for one cant wait to get out and try to bag a few more winter Munros whilst enjoying the view and hopefully some fantastic winter conditions (fingers crossed).

Maintaining our fitness throughout the dark months of winter can be a challenge whilst trying to juggle life in general. I have found that using a fitbit activity tracker (other brands are available) has made it a bit easier to get motivated. I am also looking to use the indoor wall as much as possible over the next few weeks, this will help with meeting friends and like minded people and keeping my mind focused throughout winter.

Our NEW activities are up and running and these are Paintball, mini paintball and lazer tag. All of these activities are available to groups, birthday parties, Stag/hen events and individuals. Advance bookings only. Sign up to our mailing list for discounts on courses and events.

Our New campsite is up and running , we have a long term vision to make it a fantastic place for people to visit and use throughout the year. The campsite is Family friendly and we welcome well behaved pets.

REMEMBER - Gift vouchers are available and are a fantastic gift for people who crave adventure.

Take care - and we hope to see you on an adventure soon


Scot Rodger

Chief instructor

New activities coming soon.

S D Adventures - Blog

Hello everyone

 it has been a really busy few months with lots of activities being run (even in the cold wet and snowy winter). Imagine how many people have had cold fingers trying to learn archery in the Scottish winter.

We have been full on - trying to prepare ourselves for our new site which should be fantastic if and when we actually get the planning permission and get onto the site. Keep an eye out for deals coming up on groupon, itison, wowcher etc and also remember if you are on our mailing list you will be able to get discounts on courses not found anywhere else.

Our new activities this year include paintballing, lazer quest, mini paintballing and we also hope to be able to offer an onsite camping facility. This should be great if you are trying to organise a birthday party, hen party or stag do. We will be able to offer complete packages at fantastic prices.

Fingers crossed everything goes to plan as this could be an amazing year full of fantastic adventures.

Take care


Scot Rodger

Indian Summer

SD Adventures - Blog

Hello everyone

I hope your summer has been productive with lots of mountain and water adventures? We have been hillwalking, climbing and canoeing as well as  having loads of other adventures (most seem to have some sort of camping?).

One of our new adventures lazer tag has been fantastic especially in the dark, outdoors and at night. Great fun when linked in with other activities or when you are at a wild campsite with young people. Watching people try to hide with a lazer gun that lights up when shot is really funny, as is watching people trying to cheat!

This month looks set to be a dry sunny one and hopefully will give us that last chance to add another tick to our lists before winter is here. A few more days climbing would be great especially multi pitch climbing or just outdoor climbing.

Our next big adventure is the Caledonian canal at the end of the month and with some luck the weather will hold. The Caledonian canal is soooo much nicer and easier when the wind is low and the weather is good. The group is quite small this time but should be good fun none the less.

Whats next? Well lots of plans at the minute but they will stay secret until we get a bit more advanced with them. Winter is coming so lots of winter courses and winter walking with the odd snow ball fight. Then we need to plan for courses and events in 2015. If you have an Idea or a course you would like to be part of please let us know.

Take care

Scot Rodger

Football or Climbing you decide

SD Adventures Blog

Its  a full on sports summer, the world cup has started as has the tennis, the commonwealth games start soon and pre season games have already started. With all this sport how are we ever meant to fit in time for climbing?

Its time to take a holiday, just like me. As of next week I am away for a week of climbing around Scotland tring to get as many routes in before the weather changes for the worst. I am realy looking forward to it as its been a long time since Ive managed to fit in a full weeks climbing.

What a busy year its been so far with canoeing courses, navigation courses, survival challenges, raising money for charity and loads of ben nevis trips. After all this and still finding the energy to go out and get some climbing done.

Remember we still have spaces on courses and are already taking bookings for our winter skills courses. Dont miss out and book your next adventure Now.

Take care and we hope to see you soon


New Adventures 2014

SD Adventures - Blog


2014 is turning into a busy year, lots of adventures are being booked and planned as you read this.

So far we have run a 1+2 star canoe/kayak training course in freezing conditions (will finish it when the weather warms up?) Run some basic winter walking days and skills days. Coached some climbing sessions indoors as well as some archery sessions.

February is looking even more exciting with a Snowhole trip planned, winter walking days and more coaching sessions as well as running some parent and child sessions. We are also looking forward to later in the year when we are planning a charity event for John Muir day as well as organising our Caledonian canal trips, climbing trips and multi adventure days as well as a first aid course for parents.

The John Muir event is open to everyone and will see clients raise money for local charities, the event lasts 2 days and will have some biking and canoeing as well as an overnight camp. The event costs £75 per person. Please contact us for more information.

We are also running some charity abseils, and an event for Frankie and Bennies and lots more.

So if you need to improve on your navigation, climbing skills, canoe skills or just want to get out on the hill then its time you booked your adventure.

Have you booked an adventure for 2014 yet? BOOK NOW contact us on 07791545934.

take care


Scot Rodger.


The Caledonian canal

S D Adventures - Blog

Hello Again everyone

We recently arrived back from a Caledonian canal trip running it over 5 days from Fort William to Inverness. The trip was great although 2 days of paddling into the wind made everyone very tired. Day 4 saw us a little bit behind our planned route because when we arrived at Loch Ness the waves were a bit high to paddle in. We waited until the next morning and awoke to a calm and sunny Loch Ness (Thank Goodness). We then paddled all day taking advantage of the good weather to arrive at Dores and the pub (22 miles) all shattered but ready for dinner and a pint. The last day was a relaxing and straight forward day with the group finishing the trip in style.

We are looking to run a Loch Lomond Canoe trip deal with KGB deals this week with limited spaces and dates, remembering that it is getting colder and darker as well as the weather becoming a bit poor. Don't miss your chance to join us BOOK NOW.

Winter will be here soon so sharpen your ice axe and start planning your next adventure. We will be running winter walking courses and basic winter skills courses throughout the winter period. Take advantage of these courses to sharpen your skills or learn new ones. We are looking forward to playing in the snow again this year.

Why not drop us a line and let us know what you are planning, where and when. hopefully we will see you out on the hills.

Scot Rodger.

Rain Rain Rain

SD Adventures Blog

Scottish weather is great isn't it? This Is why its time to become a paddler? Paddle when it rains, climb when its dry, navigate at night and always play   in the   snow. Or am I being greedy?

We are running our Loch Lomond canoe trips again this year and hope the weather is kind to us. We are also looking at running some 1 and 2 star canoe/kayak training courses for the people who want to learn the basics and gain a certificate. This COURSE is a 2 day course and is £99 per person. All equipment will be included as well as instruction and certificates.

This has been a busy period for us with charity abseils for Cardonald college and also Maclay, Murray and spens LLP who both raised money for good causes. We have been climbing, canoeing and Kayaking both as staff training and also with clients.

The next month is going to be manic with trips to the lake district to climb and also to work with schools. Then its back up   to Scotland   for hillwalking, canoeing and more climbing. Lets hope for weather that suits the activities.

Remember groups are welcome and we do offer reduced rates for groups of 10 or more.

Book your course or adventure NOW before its too late and winter is back.

We are going to offer our overnight camping trip to loch Lomond on one of the deal sites - keep your eyes open.


Take care

Scot Rodger

Fun in the snow.

SD Adventures - Blog

Hello again

Just a wee post to let everyone know what we have been upto over the last wee while.

Last week was a 5 day winter skills course in glen coe with Scott, Steve, Chris, Lynne and Bob all attending. The start of the week was really poor weather wise but gradually became a wee bit better as the week continued. We actually managed to see some blue sky and some really good snow. The clients (see above) seemed to have a good week even with poor conditions. This was a great course run in a relaxing manner with a social aspect to it. The clients watched a free lecture, a football match and even had time to share a meal whilst still managing to cover all of the winter skills. What a WEEK.

Good luck to John Carr on his winter mountain leader assessment this week.

We have run a few Winter Skills Courses already as well as an abseil and some winter navigation courses. Although most of the time has been spent in promoting our courses for later in the year.

In march we have a few more winter skills courses (a 2 day and a 5 day), keeping our fingers crossed for good conditions as the season hasn't been fantastic so far.

Our planning for the year is well under way and we have a good selection of courses booked. This year we are running a few abseils around the central belt to raise money for charity and will look to run an "open day" charity abseil.

We have plenty of Winter walking days coming up and have space on selected dates going up Ben Lomond, Ben Nevis and Ben Arthur (the cobbler) with all welcome-£30pp. Prices are per person and you will need ice axe and crampons.

Hopefully you have managed a winter adventure this winter or in the very least are planning an adventure for later in the year- If not why not?

Take care and see you on the hill

Scot Rodger.



Winter is coming yehhhhhh?

SD Adventures - Blog

Hello everyone

Here comes that magical time of year when the snow starts to fall and we look out our crampons and axes. Fingers crossed that winter is on the way, snow has been around for the last few weeks but not really stayed.

Its been a long year with lots going on from climbing to canoeing all the way through to winter skills, archery, charity abseils and much much more. Its not even December yet and we have lots more to do before we actually get out to play in the snow.

Remember to look out your winter kit and ensure that your axes and crampons are sharp and ready for the winter. Make sure your first aid kit is up to date with an emergency repair kit and emergency food at the bottom of your rucksack.

Most importantly start planning your journey and adventures to ensure you are ready and have as much information as possible before you go out on the hill. Keep an eye on the weather and what it has been doing before you go onto the hill.

Check the Mountain weather information service (mwis) website and the Scottish avalanche information service (sais) website. Also have a look at the ski area webcams to give yourself a real time picture of the conditions on the ground.

Give yourself plenty of time to complete your journey, have fun and be safe.

take care and see you on the hill


Scot Rodger



Busy Busy

SD Adventures - Blog

Hello again

its been a while and its been really really busy. We have been   out running a Caledonian canal trip, lots of Loch Lomond day trips and   some Loch Lomond overnight canoe journey's as well as a few Ben Nevis trips and an introduction to lead climbing weekend.

Scotland being Scotland the weather has been   really really poor with thunder, rain, heavy rain, more rain and even more rain with a wee bit of thunder. Actually the sun has tried to get through now and again and being a pale blue scottish guy I have managed to go a wee bit red.

Its also time to look ahead to the next few months and through to December. So its time to call, email text and send out info to our mailing list and try to fill all of our courses through till the end of the year. We might   even manage to have a day off somewhere within all of this.

Whats happening next, well this weekend is an overnight canoe adventure and the following weekend will be loads of   day trips on Loch Lomond. Also the Schools are back within the next week or so and we will be helping a group with 2 Duke of Edinburgh award expeditions.

If you manage to get to the Ibrox climbing   wall you might actually catch me climbing/training to build up some strength for a climbing trip later in september.

Keep an eye on the website for new dates and courses as well as any new promotions.

See you soon  


Here comes the sun

SD Adventures Blog

Hello Again

Scotland is the most amazing place in most weathers, when its sunny and warm Scotland is stunning. Fantastic mountains and amazing lochs make any adventure a joy.

Taking clients out to visit remote places and hidden gems is one of the best parts of working in the outdoors. I am amazed at the things we are lucky enough to see and to share with others, from buzzards to ospreys, from wallabies to pure white deer and much much more.

Hopefully you have an adventure planned this year and if you can share the experience, even better. Canoe Loch lomond or Loch Ness, explore hundreds of munro's and with a wee bit of luck you will get some great weather.

Be safe and enjoy everything Scotland has to offer.

Take care

Scot Rodger. 


Weather change?

SD Adventures - Blog

Hello everyone

Another month has passed and its been busy busy. We had a mini heat wave that was topped up with a wee bit of snow and some frostbite - only in Scotland would you see this type of weather change.

I passed my Trail Cycle leader award and hopefully this will allow us to offer biking courses soon. Keep an eye on the website.

Our Caledonian canal canoe trip later in the year has 2 spaces remaining and is set to be a fantastic trip. Why not join us it only costs £175per person for a 5 day course in the heart of the Scottish Highlands.

Look out on KGB deals for our Loch Lomond trip this trip has a big discount and will cost £17per person for a fully guided day on Loch Lomond visiting the wallabies and doing some island hopping. Only 4 more days to go, Dont miss out Book your Loch Lomond adventure at KGB DEALS NOW.

Lots and lots of adventures coming up from Climbing to Canoeing, Archery to First aid and so much more.

Sign up for our mailing list to be kept upto date with our promotions and everything else that is going on at "SD Adventures"

Take care



Catching up?

S D Adventures Blog

Hello everyone

S D Adventures have had a really busy few weeks, with February being used to run winter skills courses (with very little snow), meetings, first aid   and also some staff training events. A big thanks to John Carr for his help with these courses, he really was a huge help and things wouldnt have run as smooth without him.

This month has been used to promote our services to new Clients and to open new doors into potential markets? We will be using our time to upload new photos on facebook as well as the website.

Some good news - Auchinstarry quarry has now re-opened and climbing can return to normal for the people lucky enough to stay close enough to use it. Just be careful as the stakes have been removed and there is loads of earth built up around the base of the crag. Underfoot it is really muddy whilst the grass starts to grow.

This month will be used to mountain bike and climb as well as canoe. Please feel free to join us on any of our adventures or call for more information.

We still have 2 spaces left on our 5 day Caledonian canal trip In July that is being promoted at £175 per person. Also our canoeing trip on Loch Lomond will be running from April onwards.

Remember- Navigation and first aid courses run all year and your discount vouchers can be used on both.

1* and 2* canoe Kayak training course coming soon.

Take care


A busy month coming up?

SD Adventures Blog

Hi again, poor snow and unusual weather has made January a quiet month- although the time has been used to our advantage promoting course's and working hard arranging other course's for later in the year.

We are looking to run a 1 and 2 star paddle sport weekend around April/May. Before this we have winter skills course's climbing course's, navigation course's and canoe course's.

It will be a busy few months and we are looking forward to getting out and about with clients. hopefully we can also manage to get some personal climbing and hill days in as well. Feel free to join us, all you need to do is pick a course and email us-simple.

Winter will be over soon and then it will be time to get out and refresh your skills. So if you want to get lots done this year its time to plan that big adventure and work towards your adventure. If you need any help, information or even a hand learning new skills then send us an email and we will help you out.

Take care


New year new you?

S D Adventures blog

It been a while - SORRY. Everything seems to need done at this point in the year and its all about chasing your tail? Course wise its quite quiet, all of our energy is going into promoting our courses for the year ahead.

February and March are really busy with winter skills courses, snowholing courses and also navigation courses. If you havent booked a place yet you might have to miss out as places are almost all taken.

Lets take a minute and talk about you? Are you planning to get fit over the next few months? Well its important to have a plan and stick to it? Did you know that people who used the outdoors as a way of getting fit were more likely to complete the goals and targets that they set,   than people using gyms etc?

So try canoeing for upper body workouts, climbing for an overall workout and orienteering as a way to make running just a bit more interesting - and you will also get to practice your navigation at the same time.

I have already started my fitness program, I am working towards my own goals and targets but am mainly using fitness as a way of allowing me to get out into the fresh air and high winds that seem to be   hitting Scotland at the minute.

All that is left to say really is stick with your fitness program and dont give up. Find an orienteering course near you, hire a canoe or join a club. Be positive and most of all try to enjoy.


Happy Holiday

SD Adventures - Blog

Hopefully you have had a fantastic xmas and are looking forward to a busy New Year period? I hope that all of your christmas presents arrived on time and that everyone was on their best behaviour? But most of all I hope that you got the present you had been dreaming of?

Everyone involved at SD Adventures have been busy organising and promoting our courses for 2012. These include our winter skills courses as well as our canoeing courses on the caledonian canal.

Before this we ran a Winter skills course the week before xmas and really worked hard to make sure we found enough snow for our clients to enjoy a proper winter experience. We have taken some fantastic photos and videos and these will be posted soon.

Most people in Scotland think that AVALANCHES never really happen here? This is NOT true and some of our photos will show this, as we managed to get some pictures of full depth avalanches here in Scotland.

Again we find ourselves waiting on the snow to arrive, and the forecast is that snow will arrive in the hills today. Keep your fingers crossed and we hope to see you on the hills with your new winter gear.

Take care


Wheel socks for my car???????????

SD Adventures - Blog

Well its another storm battered UK this evening with high winds and rain - although it seems to be snow on higher ground. Its nice to be sitting here writing this listening to the wind blowing against the window, in the knowledge that I am all wrapped up nice and snug.

Today was a day for indoor climbing, just to keep in shape and to get out of the house.

This weekend is the first Winter Skills Course of the season and it looks as if the snow will be really good with plenty of it. That reminds me I need to make a snowman and post it online for a friend who will miss out on the snow. I will equip the car this week with wheel socks? and my winter kit, to be ready for safe travel and emergencies to see me through the winter.

Thank goodness the xmas shopping is all done and I will wrap everything tomorrow so that Santa has an easy time of it and I wont be rushing around at the last minute-thank goodness.

Enjoy the weather when the wind stops and hopefully you will manage to get out on the hill.


Its snowing on the mountains.

SD Adventures - Blog

Well it really is December when you wake up and all of the local hills are covered in fresh snow. I was over the moon as they say. Its only a few weeks till our first winter skills course of the season and the snow is finally on its way. I have already looked out my climbing books looking for new routes to try and the list seems to grow and grow.

My axes and crampons are in good condition and ready to play, I have even looked out my snowboard and boots just in case I manage to find some time.

Top Tips-

(1) Sharpen your axes and crampons

(2) Brush up on your winter skills

(3) Brush up on your navigation skills

For some this will be picking up a book and reminding themselves, for others -   you may wish to join a winter skills course. Just make sure you have the skills and knowledge to keep yourself safe whilst in the mountains over winter. Carry a map and compass, spare food, hot drink, emergency shelter and a whistle as well as all of the other essentials you need for winter.

Winter makes the mountains a magical winter playground, get out onto the hills, have fun and be safe, but most of all ENJOY.


When the snowman brings the snow

S D Adventures - Blog

Well its cold wet and windy outside and it really feels like the weather is changing. The weather report said that it would be wintery in the hills over night with plenty of snow and hopefully thats us on our way to another good winter. Less than a month till that special day of the year when we get to be happy and enjoy what we have around us - yep thats right our first winter trip of the season.

Its been a busy week running archery and getting my computer systems updated and hopefully running faster? So new laptop and games to keep me busy on nights like this.

Next week is a relaxing week and a chance to catch up with all of the boring things before December and the start of a busy winter period. The big adventure at the start of December is skye and then a full weeks winter skills course.

But before December We still have a canoe/climbing day, ropework training and a bit of climbing as well as a few days of before the festive period arrives.

Fingers crossed for the snow to arrive and we can start making snowmen as well as getting out and playing in Scotlands winter playground.

Take care



The nights are fair drawing in?

S D Adventures - Blog

Its been really cold outside and has been for the last few nights. Is it possible that the weather is starting to turn and should be expecting snow soon? Fingers crossed.

Ben Hunter has had some bad luck with his plans to do all of the munro's in winter unfortunately his food sponsor has pulled the plug and he is trying hard to find a new company to step in. We are offering to put a winter course up for auction and the money raised will go towards the price of food for Bens trip. Good Luck Ben its only a few weeks before you start.

We are helping out on the Skye leg of the trip hopefully starting in mid December so hopefully we get a bit of snow by then. Its going to be a fantastic adventure for Ben as well as S D Adventures.

We have some great things going on before the new year and after its all hands on deck for what is shaping up to be a fantastic start to 2012.

Take care



S D Adventures - Blog

Well it really is like winter outside, the temp has dropped and its hard to see the end of the street. Its a night for sitting at home and planning your next big adventure. Make a plan for next year write a tick list sort a wish list or just to take a few minutes and think about your next big challenge.

I have a few things that would be nice to do, from climbing in the Alps to winter routes across Scotland and thats just a start. But firstly it might be an Idea to sort out the adventures that are already planned. I am helping Ben Hunter on his human powered winter round, sorting dates for the skye ridge with him   would be a good start.

Next year is a big year for me as I have decided to actually push forward and work towards my M I A assessment. With some luck and loads of hard work I should be ready for it by September. This is a big big task whilst running a business and trying to have a good work/life balance-no matter who you are.

On top of that pushing forward with Canoeing qualifications and trying to get something up and running with paintballing will give me loads to think about and should keep me busy.

Just reading this makes me think about going on holiday and a week away would be fantastic - I need a 14 month year and then it should all fit.

Take care and hopefully you will also take the time to plan your adventures for next year but don't forget to take a bit of time to relax.


Turning back the clocks.

S D Adventures - Blog

The clocks have gone back and the nights are fairly drawing in, this time of year is great for night navigation, although can often be really cold as the winter weather starts pushing in. This is your chance to practice bad weather navigation before the snow arrives properly and that way you will be ready for winter and the challenging conditions it brings.

Before winter arrives its always a good idea to give your kit an M O T checking buckles, straps, laces etc and to fix or replace them as needed. Sharpen your Ice axes and crampons as well as checking torch batteries and making an emergency crampon repair kit.

Make sure your compass works properly before you go out on the hill and if you find your compass slides around on your map case think about wrapping an elastic band around it near the housing to help it grip on the map case.

Remember have fun and use the conditions to your advantage whilst gaining experience.

It is really easy to put things off because its dark or wet outside. Just think of the amazing things that you could see at this time of year, shooting stars, arctic hare, buntings etc. Most importantly is the fact that you will actually have earned that pint by having an adventure on the hill.



The Northern Lights

S D Adventures Blog

Welcome to our very first blog. We will use this page to update people about our Adventures on a daily/weekly basis and hopefully add lots of useful information as well as plenty of photos.

The first point of interest is that tonight if you get out and about you should manage to see the northern lights. The north of Scotland will always be easier to see them but it is possible to see them as far south as Loch Lomond. Please send a photo if you manage to catch them and I will put it on the website.

Lots of things coming up over the next few weeks,   our friend Ben Hunter will be putting final preparations to his human powered winter munro round, which we are assisting with on the Skye ridge. Also we have some multi activity days coming up doing climbing and canoeing as well as running an after schools club.   We are also looking for a base to open an adventure club/centre but our next few weeks are mainly for planning the calander for next year, look out for dates to put in your diary.

winter skills course scotland


Its almost winter time again but before that we need to build a bonfire and avoid lots of scary monsters as well as making time to get out onto the hills.

Take care

Scot Rodger

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