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Zorbing or Zorbs are a fantastic thrill ride and are a new activity we offer. Looking to Zorb near Glasgow or Stirling? Your at the right place. We can also bring Zorbing to your venue.
  Zorbing is our newest activity, its fast, its fun, its exciting and its your turn to try it???Stag party   
Stag Party
Stag Party
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This is Zorbing
Just like being a hamster in a ball, its fast and its exciting and this is your chance to have a go. We run sessions near Glasgow and Stirling for groups of ten or more. We also have open days where anyone can book in and have a go.
Zorbinghen partyHen party
You can even have a go "extreme Zorbing" this is where we harness you into a Zorb and throw in 20 litres of water and then push you down a hill-this is called the washing machine and its a good idea to bring a change of clothes.
Hen PARTYThe hen Party



Price: Open days £25per person. Dates are limited as are numbers please contact us for details.

         £270 for a group of 10-12

         £480 for a group of 13-24

Sessions last between 2-4 hours depending on numbers, and clients should be looking at 2 or 3 turns each.

We can also bring the Zorbs to your venue with our instructors. Distance is no problem although the price would take into account the distance. Feel free to contact us for more information and bookings.


Contact: 07791 545934