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Looking for a team building adventure to suit all groups and budgets. Paintballing is for everyone and you can book your paintball session here. Glasgow, Stirling, Airdrie, Cumbernauld, Twechar, Kilsyth and Edinburgh are all within a short distance of our site.



Paintballing is suitable for groups, parties and individuals. Paintball combines strategy, teamwork, fitness and fun to deliver an activity day that is hard to beat.

Our site is located near TWECHAR in North Lanarkshire and is easy to find. Our location is Ideal for people travelling from Glasgow or Edinburgh, Stirling, Cumbernauld, Airdrie, Kilsyth and of course Twechar.

Hen parties paintball, Stag parties paintball and paintball birthday parties all welcome. 

Paintballing and other activities can be purchased together to make the ultimate multi activity day package. 

Paintball Packages

Half day paintball - Kids £18pp including 200 paintballs, equipment hire. Min numbers (5) required.

Kids paintball Birthday Parties - £22pp Including 300 paintballs, equipment hire. Min Numbers (5) required.

Hen /Stag - £35pp Including 500 paintballs, equipment hire. Min Numbers (6)

The "Dave" - £25 Including 300 paintballs, equipment hire.

The "Blake" - £30 Including 400 paintballs, equipment hire.

The "Ray" - £45 Including 700 paintballs, equipment hire.

Paintball Evening package - £25 including 300 paintballs, equipment hire.






CO2 Bottle

Battle pack



Optional extras 

Body armour

Armoured gloves 

Paint/smoke grenades

Weapon upgrade

Fast load pods 

Paintball games include

Last man standing -For the trigger happy within the group this is a fantastic game. Basically the last person to be shot wins.

Capture the flag -This is an old favourite. A flag is placed at each base and you must defend it whilst working out how to capture the opposite flag.

The rescue -A team member has been captured and you must work out a strategy to rescue them.

The gauntlet -You and your team must retrieve a briefcase with stolen documents in it, unfortunately it is situated somewhere within a narrow corridor which is probably easy to ambush? 

VIP and false VIP -Your security team must protect a VIP whilst deploying a false VIP to distract the attacking forces.



Our Marshals have been trained by ex military personnel to the highest standards. This allows for a more professional experience in the safest environment possible, keeping you safe whilst allowing you the chance to participate in an adrenaline filled day.

All of our Marshals are first aid trained, In house trained and ARE disclosure Scotland checked. 

All sessions are risk assessed.

We are fully insured. 

No Alcohol to be consumed before or during the Paintballing sessions. 

On site Prices 

Equipment hire and entry, full day = £14.99 including 100 paintballs.

Equipment hire and entry, half day = £9.99 including 50 paintballs.

Paintballs = £8 per 100 paintballs or £30 for 500 paintballs.

Grenades = TBC 

Body armour rental = £3 per person

Armoured gloves rental = £3 per person

Weapon upgrade = £10 per person 


Splat master mini Paintball 

This is a less powerful and less painful system that is designed to allow the younger person to paintball (9yrs+). Parents and kids can enjoy a mini paintball adventure together whilst still getting the same rush as normal paintball.

Splat master mini paintball prices 

Introduction sessions = £10 and lasts up to 40 minutes. 30 mini paintballs included.

Splat master sessions = £18 and Lasts up to 2 hours. 100 mini paintballs included.

Extra - Mini paintballs = £8 for 100 balls. 

Basic Lazer quest 

Introduction sessions last 40 minutes and is suitable for all ages. Our Lazer Guns and Lazer system is a basic system to introduce people to combat games.

Lazer quest Prices

Introduction sessions = £10 up to 40 minutes.

Lazer quest sessions = £18 up to 2 hours.



A variety of teas



Sweets and snacks 


Lunch Box - Sandwich, drink, crisps, fruit. 


Morning sessions 09:30-12:30

Lunch 12:30-13:00 

Afternoon sessions 13:00-16:00 

Evening sessions 17:00- 19:00

Late evening sessions 19:00-21:00 


Contact - 07791 545934